ECP System from TMCIECP SL-200

A high responsive technology automatically adapts itself to a patients profile, easy to handle, comfortable to patients, very high system availability with very low downtime.


External Counterpulsation

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External Counterpulsation (ECP) an effective form of treatment for angina is still finding itself on a back stage and this effective procedure is still to fall into the mainstream of cardiology practice.

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In short ECP

For long interventional cardiologists have been avoiding this safe, non-invasive treatment like a plague, but changes in approach to this procedure are lately being noticed. For more than a decade since ECP was taken up as a treatment method for life threatening disabilities due to CAD, CHF, and stable angina the world over, its effectiveness in treating these cardio-diseases is beyond doubt a success and is well documented in the text book of cardiology and various cardiology journals.

Years ago a randomized trial with ECP, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (1999), showed that ECP significantly improved both the symptoms of angina and exercise tolerance in patients with coronary artery disease. ECP also significantly improved "quality of life" measures, as compared to placebo therapy.

In one of the issue of Cardiology, investigators report that ECP works even better in patients who have not yet had invasive treatment for angina. Among patients participating in the International ECP Patient Registry who received ECP as first-line therapy (instead of receiving it only after other treatments failed,) 89% experienced an immediate improvement in angina, and 84% reported that the improvement persisted at 6 months. This compares to a 79% improvement rate with ECP among patients who had already received invasive treatments.

A better ECP Equipment: SL-200

The IECP Increased External CounterPulsation unit SL-200 from TeraMed is far more technologically advanced system than the legacy ECP units available in the market.

The IECP 'Increased External Counter Pulsation' equipment manufactured by TeraMed is a highly advanced velocity based system with important pre-set auto functions and easy to use graphic touch screen controls. It has features like auto treatment mode for automated inflation / deflation timing. Optional Self-maintenance features, i.e. machine can perform limited self-servicing on its own periodically, thereby reducing user intervention. Our machines are very rugged and have unbelievably very less downtime.

Some points we would like to share about The IECP® SL-200:
· The IECP® SL-200 is Velocity based External Counterpulsation device which offers better and latest technology of the world, which no other manufacturer of ECP machines is offering.
· IECP® was the first machine of the world to provide absolute automated treatment capabilities.
· The IECP® SL-200 has optimised SITO  Treatment Level for enhanced augmentation.
· The IECP® SL-200 incorporates Touch Screen Graphical Controls
· The IECP® SL-200 is designed in Comfortable Recliner Positioning which provides maximum comfort to the patient during ECP therapy.
· The IECP® SL-200 is more effective with better results, still being the world's most comfortable ECP therapy device.
· The IECP® SL-200 machine like other IECP machines by TMC has unbelievably low downtime, and low maintenance cost.
· The IECP® SL-200 is designed and tested as per medical device directive ISO13485 quality process, EN60601 medical electrical standard and CE compliance with essential requirements of 93/42 EEC Directive concerning medical devices.

The SL – 200 ECP machine has controls which are embedded micro-controller based which are designed for medical use keeping in view the medical safeties and accuracies using standards set by IEC for medical safety. The ECG synchronisation is done using an in-built 3 lead ECG. The operation of the machine like inflation and deflation timings of the cuffs is synchronised with the ECG using two modes, Auto Mode and Manual. In Auto Mode the machine operates on its own, based on the ECG signal input and no user adjustment is required. In Manual Mode the user can fine tune and set the inflation / deflation timings from the Digital HMI provided on the machine, as a feature of safety the user can adjust only between the set safe time values for Inflation/Deflation timings. Finger plethysmography is provided to observe the diastolic augmentation.

TMC Europa Ltd. Offers an ECP machine called the IECP. This basic information is about the Model SL-200

ECP device

The working principle of this machine is on a unique design, which was designed jointly by team of TeraMed engineers and German engineers. The IECP unit uses the principle of velocity rather than volume. In the technology that uses volume normally the working nozzles are big in size to transfer volume of air from one area to another, as a result the patient is constantly in a position which we call as horse riding in which the patient is jumping throughout the treatment which is not recommended for patients above 55 years of age.

There is a requirement of constant monitoring of the time parameter in the diastolic phase and the ecp therapist has to keep adjusting the parameters. The auto functions cannot be accurately adjusted as transfer of air from one area to another is a sluggish environment. The machine is bulky with excessive downtime primarily of moving components.

On the contrary the machine like IECP that is based on the velocity of air is smaller in size, does not have horse riding position, the diastolic phase is more accurately calculated, auto functions work more precisely and there is less of downtime even of the moving components.

Moreover when you buy an 'IECP' SL-200 system, you not only buy the mechanical piece of engineering, but also a bouquet of training, support and services from a supplier who is well known in the medical fraternity and have a commendable history of serving the medical fraternity from the last 18 years. At TeraMed people are working 24 X 7 to help ensure the success of your practice and that your patients receive the best possible therapy.

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