ECP System from TMCIECP SL-200e

SL-200e is also based on high responsive technology it not only automatically adapts itself to a patients profile but makes better calculations of the patient's condition. Comes with tons of optional features for the user to choose.

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SL-200e ECP device

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ECP SL-200e basics

  1. Increased External Counter Pulsation, IECP is an effective non-invasive and non-pharmacological treatment through which the aortic blood supply is increased during the diastolic phase of the heart. Increased External Counter Pulsation uses a set of foam padded cuffs wrapped around the patient’s legs which inflate and deflate sequentially in synchronisation with the cardiac rhythm. IECP is an evidence based therapy which is able to address both, the myocardial supply and demand in the management of Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Failure and other similar indications. IECP causes immediate and sustained increase in the heart's blood supply by dilating coronary blood vessels, opening dormant collateral vessels, stimulating the release of growth factors, establishing shunts from other vessels, and forming new blood vessels (angiogenesis).

  2. A quantum leap forward in efficacy, precision, comfort and durability.

  3. The all new SL-200e IECP® external counter pulsation therapy system exclusively designed and manufactured by TMC Europa Ltd. beats all competition hands down. The SL-200e is highly effective and affordable External Counter Pulsation equipment. Great therapeutic capability, precise controls with more comfort and styling.

  4. Pacemaker therapy mode

A better ECP Equipment: SL-200e

The IECP Increased External CounterPulsation unit SL-200e from TeraMed is far more technologically advanced system than the legacy ECP units available in the market.

IECP machine or Increased external counter pulsation is an electronic pneumatic device, with a highly responsive ECG sensor and processor mechanism. The ECP device or ECP equipment has a programmed micro-controller which works in synchronisation with the ECG signal. The system reads the ECG signal received from the patient, and triggers the release of air which fills up the cuffs or bladders during the resting phase of the heart called the Diastole. This air is released from the cuffs at the end of diastole, before the systolic phase of the heart.

The increased external counter pulsation device consists of the display which shows the ECG, plythismograph tracings and the machine controls. The machine controls allow the physician or therapist to control a lot of parameters like cuff inflation pressure, therapy time, therapy modes etc.

Apart from the controls the main thing which the device is incorporated with is the safety features like treatment stop and alarm in case of tachycardia, fibrillation, high HR, extra early systole etc. At TMC patient safety is our top most priority and all our IECP systems The SL-100, the SL-200 and The SL-200e have highest safety modules.

The SL-200e IECP system from TMC incorporates the most advanced features housed in an easy to operate solution with cutting edge technology that will not only will boost your confidence but will also ensure high level patient comfort. Based on the new-age Velocity technology the SL-200 e provides the highest level of therapeutic benefit by controlling the optimal timing and intra cuff inflation pressures. The various treatment modes provides a wide range of intra-cuff inflation pressure settings, it provides aggressive and comfortable modes with multiple levels and auto adjustments.

The SL-200e ensures to provide the best of ECP therapy with better clinical outcomes, with more safety, higher reliability and more comfort Features

Some features of IECP SL-200e include

  • Touch Screen Controls: Graphical touch screen controls provide easy operation and better control of the parameters and options.
  • Ergonomically Designed: The IECP therapy systems are designed in comfortable lounger style keeping in view the lengthy treatment protocol, thereby ensuring maximum patient comfort during the treatment sessions.
  • 5 Lead ECG Synchronisation: Highly responsive 5 probe ECG sensor provides optimal cardiac monitoring and synchronisation.
  • NiBP Monitoring: In built NiBP monitoring module helps monitor the patient's Blood Pressure before, during and after the therapy session.
  • Pacemaker Therapy Mode: Allows the option of proper ECG synchronisation for treatment of patients with pacemaker implants.
  • Highly Safe: The patient treatment coach operates on low voltage 24 volts DC supply providing highest level of safety standards.
  • Plethysmography /SpO2: In built SpO2 and Plethysmography finger probe allows the IECP therapist to monitor Diastolic augmentation and oxygen levels.
  • Remote Workstation Connectivity: Using the remote workstation connectivity feature the physician can monitor and control the treatment on IECP system.
  • Scheduled Self-Maintenance: The IECP system has an in-built limited self-maintenance system which is carried out at periodic intervals automatically.
  • Multi-lingual controls: The touch screen graphical controls of the IECP are available in various languages including French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and more.

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