ECP System from TMCIECP TMC-Brisk

The TMC Brisk ECP unit has made significant progresses with sound reduction, patient comfort, patient safety and overall reliability.

ECP Image ModelTMC-Brisk

IECP Model TMC-Brisk

EECP machine

Increased External Counterpulsation (IECP) Model TMC-Brisk lower cost of ownership. In compare with the legasy ECP machines. The TMC Brisk is the newest generation IECP device

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About the TMC-Brisk

The TMC-Brisk external counter pulsation therapy system is a well tried and tested system and is effective and reliable.  The TMC-Brisk has a wide and comfortable therapy bed designed to provide comfortable positioning to patients with various heights, weights and structure.

The motorised backrest* of the therapy bed enables added comfort during an hour long external counter pulsation therapy.

The system uses high end microprocessor based technology for auto adjustment of inflation and deflation timing, for optimal clinical outcome. The therapy bed and the control unit are a solid rugged built design, and have many functional parameters and capabilities to provide optical therapeutic benefit. The system synchronises the therapy process using 3 lead ECG probes and an integrated finger probe is provided for real time monitoring of the plethysmography and oxygen saturation.

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ECP Equipment: TMC-Brisk

The IECP Increased External CounterPulsation unit TMC-Briks from TMC Europa Ltd.

The TMC Brisk is the newest generation IECP device. The TMC Brisk ECP unit has made significant progresses with sound reduction, patient comfort, patient safety and overall reliability. The system houses a new all in one solution, hence requires minimal installation requirement.

Significant improvements have been made over previous generations of IECP systems and other competitive ECP devices. Some of these include a comfortable mattress, adjustable backrest, in-built Compressor and an efficient inflation/deflation system. Reduced noise and lesser jerks during the therapy and improved treatment experience for both the patient and the operator. The user interface is also highly operator friendly.


The TMC Brisk has lower power consumption and allows the therapy providers to run the system on UPS,

Key features of the TMC-Brisk IECP therapy system include:

Inbuilt ECG, SpO2 and NiBP
The system has inbuilt 3 lead ECG probe, the finger probe for monitoring plethysmography / oxygen saturation and NiBP cuff for non-invasive blood pressure measurement prior to and post external Counter pulsation therapy.
Comfortable Therapy Bed.
The well-built therapy bed provides very comfortable positioning to the patient during an hour long therapy process. The backrest of the therapy bed is motorized and can be adjusted as per patient physiological condition to enhance patient comfort.
The TMC-Brisk IECP therapy system incorporate a lot of safety features including Automatic Stop and pressure release: In case of ventricular fibrillation, extra early systole, power failure, High Heart rate (>120bpm) and Emergency stop, so that you can  be confident about system reliability, patient safety  and treatment effectiveness.

More Features:

  • Compact system with easy installation, just plug in and play.
  • Single phase power requirement, can be run on a 3 KVA UPS
  • Highly durable with long lasting cuffs.
  • Quiet operation
  • Safe - Treatment Pause on detection of arrhythmias or tachycardia.

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