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Price Quote Policy

Below are some details and policies relating to our price quote service and our customer support mission.

Price Quotes details:

- The Price Quote contains a basic details of the equipment along with a photograph..
- Latest and updated competitive price quote is what you will get in the price Quote.
- Please choose the type of Price Quote during the price quote process. Weather you need a EXW, FOB, CFR or CIF price quote.
- By clicking ‘Get Price Quote’, you are transmitting the personal information that you provide on quote pages to which the price quote will be customised.
- Your data will be provided to our sales staff who will contact you as per information you have provided..
- Basic Terms of Business are mentioned in the price quote. Please ask for complete business terms.


We would also like to say :

  • Thank you for the opportunity to quote for TMC products for use in your Hospitals or Clinics.

  • The price quote proposal outlines a comprehensive product information for supply and training on all equipment to be installed at your location.

  • The pricing information provided covers the therapeutic equipment needs you outlined in your request form that you filled on our website. Installation, maintenance, and training that we are proposing in our price quote is a comprehensive policy.

  • Please ask for complete business terms from our help-desk.

  • We are submitting our proposal for the equipment that are mentioned in our price quote customised to the name and address you have mentioned.

  • Our equipment are rugged and time tested and your decision is a sound one for choosing TMC for your equipment needs.

  • Our proposal will allow you to plan and also use our expertise in the development phase.

  • We offer transparent pricing and personalised support not only before you buy but regularly during your equipment use.

  • We’re ready to order the materials and start manufacturing process as soon as you give us the go-ahead by executing the LOI.

  • We are eager to work with you on this project. If you think it appropriate, We will be happy to meet with your committee as they review and discuss this proposal. Perhaps we can help to alleviate their concerns about equipment availability.

If you need to contact us please use the form below:



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Price Quote ..Alert !

Please read the instructions carefully as the choice you make during the price quote process will determine the success of the price quote you may need. Please note Price quote process is an automated process and the price quote engine will process the price quote as per information provided.

This is made easy with instructions and guides provided during the process, Please choose the type of price quote you may need like Ex-WORKS, FOB, CFR or CIF.

Price Quote