World Heart Day is a day of pledge to keep the heart healthy. The growing menace of unhealthy heart is ever increasing. And what is disturbing is that the co-conspirators of this disease, who on one side increase heart disease and in combination produce morbidity and mortality, are also accruing epidemic proportions. Everyone knows that if these diseases including diabetes, hypertension and obesity are left unattended the day would soon come when the world would become incompetent to deal with so many diabetics and so also coronary artery diseases and hypertensions. It has already been projected that with this growing trend this would happen before and certainly by 2030.

These diseases have a genetic background, that is partly heredity and therefore, siblings born of such parents are potentially prone to heart disease but it is the influence of life style that makes the difference in their presentation.

Many Ethnic groups globally are prone to coronary artery disease and what is more painful is that the younger generation is more affected and in a more severe form. One can therefore understand how important it is to control and contain the growing storm of heart disease if future.

No country in the world is rich enough to cure the malady of heart disease and one should therefore prevent the disease.

Many in the developed world have understood the significance of preventions and have taken measures in children, growing adults and adults and the results can already be seen. The evidence of disease in the western world is declining but on the contrary we have still not fully realized the value of preventative measures.

Rheumatic heart disease which cripples poor children with heart valve problem has also not diminished because of poor housing, sanitation and hygiene. On the other hand, the hypertension coronary heart disease is also increasing, so it is not a surprise that we are being afflicted by a poor man's disease and so called rich people's disease as well.

There are many well-known factors which if controlled can reduce the incidence of heart disease. Important are diabetes, hypertension, smoking, alcohol, obesity and limited physical activity but above all stress. All these are known as risk factors and if controlled in time can effectively go a long way to control a heart problem. One should have low salt, low sugar content in diet, low level of saturated calories and strenuous physical activity and above all stress free life.

The situation has to be addressed in early childhood and adolescents where they are amendable to counterproductive influences in school and work places. Keeping a heart healthy is not a medical problem; rather it is a social problem and has to be tackled by different components of the society and their leaders. Only then observance of world heart day would be meaningful.

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