'ECP' is a generic name and many companies are trying to make it their 'Trade mark'. People also call it by the brand name of either 'IECP or EECP'.

The Generic name or the Official definition is not EECP (Enhanced External counter-pulsation) but ECP (External counter-pulsation). Just like IECP, EECP is also a commercial name or a brand name of one of the ECP manufacturers, precisely like many other manufacturers the world over. So as such EECP is only a brand name.

An estimate of 90% of the centres throughout the world are not using an EECP equipment, they are using machines from various other manufacturers from the world over. Many times you find the people asking who are eecp device suppliers rather it should be asked, "who are ECP device suppliers."

Almost all the commercially available ECP systems are the same as they use the same established technique of compression of the calves, thighs and buttocks of patients making the patient literally jump on every compression mimicking that of horse riding. However, unlike all other systems, TMC Europa has a unique design with a new high responsive technology that not only improved the benefit but also gave more precise controls to the user setting. The patients sleeps during th entire treatment.

TMC Europa Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of ECP equipment, which is known by its brand-name IECP. The Sl-200e is the most advanced system the world over. Give it a try you will never find any other system anywhere close to it.

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External Counterpulsation (ECP) an effective form of treatment for angina is still finding itself on a back stage and this effective procedure is still to fall into the mainstream of cardiology practice.

For long interventional cardiologists have been avoiding this safe, non-invasive treatment like a plague, but changes in approach to this procedure are lately being noticed.

For more than a decade since ECP was taken up as a treatment method for life threatening disabilities due to CAD, CHF, and stable angina the world over, its effectiveness in treating these cardio-diseases is beyond doubt a success and is well documented in the text book of cardiology and various cardiology journals.

Years ago a randomised trial with ECP, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (1999), showed that ECP significantly improved both the symptoms of angina and exercise tolerance in patients with coronary artery disease. ECP also significantly improved "quality of life" measures, as compared to placebo therapy.

In one of the issue of Cardiology, investigators report that ECP works even better in patients who have not yet had invasive treatment for angina. Among patients participating in the International ECP Patient Registry who received ECP as first-line therapy (instead of receiving it only after other treatments failed,) 89% experienced an immediate improvement in angina, and 84% reported that the improvement persisted at 6 months.

This compares to a 79% improvement rate with ECP among patients who had already received invasive treatments.

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