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TMC Europa Ltd. offers four models in its IECP devices range. The first two models "TMC-Brisk" and "SL-100" are based on the legacy Volume technology. The SL-200 and the SL-200e are based on the newer Velocity technology. Devices in Velocity technology are more rugged and efficient. Click the image below as per your choice for more information.

Volume tech
Velocity tech


Based on the Legasy Volume technology
Volume tech


Based on the Legasy Volume technology
Volume tech


Based on the Latest Velocity technology
Velocity tech

IECP SL-200e

Based on the Latest Velocity technology
Velocity tech

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TMC Europa Ltd produces one of the best ECP devices in the world. Ask us for specific information and we will send you that information immediately. You can also find a lot of information on this site that would help you decide over which ECP device you may want to buy.

This is a dedicated site for ECP ( Increased External Counterpulsation ) equipment manufactured by TMC Europa Ltd, we cover most information that could be required by you to know either about the ECP therapy or the Equipment. FAQs, equipment details, prices and download can be found here...

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You could find information relative to ECP therapy or ECP equipment. You can also go through various FAQs and find answers to questions you may have.

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The most widely used ECP device is the SL-200 click the above link to navigate to the relevant page. You will get most of the information on the device.

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Extensive hardware & Firmware research.

The TMC's IECP device development involved an extensive Research and development program. Today we are proud to offer the IECP as the best equipment, a piece of equipment that is in a class apart.
"It is not necessary to be the oldest but it is necessary to be the best".

  • How Can Interventional Cardiologist's Best Utilize IECP 'Increased External Counterpulsation?



    Is there a way in which Interventional Cardiologists utilize IECP 'Increase External Counterpulsation' along with their catheterization procedures? Since its beginning External Counterpulsation had been a modality of dislike for most of the interventional cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons...

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    EECP device model SL-200 IECP SL-200

    EECP device model SL-200e IECP SL-200e

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